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I teach makeup artists to confidently position themselves as Elite Bridal artists to master their craft and build a profitable business without the years of experience.

Jenny Torry

Beauty Educator | Biz Coach

Elite Bridal Mastery offers more than a certificate- we offer coaching and mentoring to help you grow your business and be successful. Schedule a free 30min consultation to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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I can help guide you on that road to reach your goals, drawing on 14 years of experience in the bridal industry.

My unique style of luxury bridal artistry is something I can share with you, along with the tried-and-true methods used to become highly sought-after.

I can teach you how to become a highly-paid sought-after makeup artist using strategies that you can easily implement into your own unique business, as well as how to execute that flawless bridal look. 

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