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Elite Bridal Mastery Monthly Membership

with Jenny Torry

Continue to embrace your Bridal Boss Mindset.

Exclusive monthly membership – available to Elite Bridal Mastery members only!

Continue to grow your luxury brand with exclusive extended access to bridal artist expert, Jenny Torry.

This exclusive monthly membership (available only to EBM members) offers extended content after completing the Elite Bridal Mastery 4-month program.

Stay in touch!

You’ve completed the 4-month Elite Bridal Mastery Program, and are well on your way to building your luxury brand. Stay in touch! Join my monthly membership, and let’s connect on a monthly basis to review your success, your challenges, and your motivation to maintain your Bridal Boss Mindset. 

What she said.

Not to mention that the best advice, is from your peers! With the monthly membership, you have access to fellow members who have also completed the program. Where are they now? What advice do they have to expand your luxury brand? Join this exclusive group of women and share your thoughts, your experience, and your motivation to be an elite bridal artist.

What’s next?

You have completed my 4-week program and have the tools necessary to succeed. But is that all? I’m still here! When you’re ready to take the next step to expand your business, you have this monthly membership to turn to for insight and assistance for SEP optimizations, social media and trending content, email marketing and content options, and all the support you would need to continue to follow your dreams. 

Exclusive monthly membership

Only available to Elite Bridal Mastery members only for $550/month!

This exclusive discounted offer is only available for a limited time after completing the Elite Bridal Mastery Program, up to 14 days.

This offer will return to $650 per month thereafter.

why jenny?

By now, we know each other. You have successfully completed my 4-month Elite Bridal Mastery program, and are well on your way to launching your luxury bridal business. Keep going with your motivation! Continuing education is so important with a business so that you are always on top of your game whether that be with your bridal skill set or your business marketing tools. Join me for this monthly membership and we’ll review the latest in industry trends, plus you have exclusive access to other fellow members of the EBM crowd. Network, seek advice and insight, and grow your business with the support of an amazing crew of fellow bridal bosses!

Frequently Asked Questions

IF you want continued support & calls with Jenny after completing the 4 month program (Elite Bridal Mastery Program) then, yes!

As much as you want to put in. This is a monthly membership with added live calls, bonus content, and continued support so come & go as you please.

It is delivered via a private & exclusive Facebook group.

It’s $550.00 a month. However, you can lock in at the rate of 450 for a limited time within 14 days of graduation. You can cancel anytime.

No! We track that 🙂 This is a private group just for Elite Bridal Mastery Program members, so if you have a friend or family member who wants to level up their bridal beauty business, then have them join the program first before joining this membership.

If you do decide to not continue SEO with us, please keep in mind that you will have to continue to pay the $99.00 Annual fee Yoast license annual fee otherwise it will be removed.

Yoast is an advanced marketing tool that is essential for SEO and helps your website continue to be ranked. The risk of not having SEO – you cannot survive without it’s almost like having a Dead website.

You can definitely join at the normal price of $550.

You can cancel at anytime. We do not give refunds as this is a month-to-month membership.

Yes, you will have access to the main portion of the online program.

You will be removed from the Inner Circle FB group however you will continue to enjoy the Free FB group where you get the enjoy the community there.

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