Calling All Makeup Artists & Bridal Beauty Business Owners!


With Jenny Torry

A membership and community for Makeup Artists & Bridal Beauty Business Owners created to help boost your social media marketing, increase engagement, and grow your connections.

To my fellow makeup artists, starting your own business is hard!

Making it profitable, and creating a brand – that’s even harder!

Join me for a monthly membership featuring exclusive live calls, Q&A sessions, a private Facebook group, and so much more! 

The first 20 Founding Members can join for just $37/month – after that, the price will go back to normal retail of $57/month.

This Membership Will Help You…

“The best word that I can describe my experience with Jenny Torry is WOW! I was stuck trying to figure out how I can take my makeup artist business to the next level, and Jenny knew exactly what I needed to work on in my business and in my skill set to get me to the next level.”

Ahshia C. 

Bridal Beauty Business Owner

Is the Makeup Artist Marketing Membership for you?

Running a business isn’t just about having that specific skill.
And a brand isn’t just a website.

It takes planning, marketing, and a business-savvy strategy to create a brand.

You need to have all the pieces to your marketing process flow together to create a luxury brand that helps you stand out among your industry competitors.

The Makeup Artist Marketing Membership was created specifically for makeup artist entrepreneurs and covers everything you need to market and promote your product and skills. From websites and SEO content, social media tips and strategies (and even ready-to-use templates), email design and content ideas, and so much more. 

This membership is ongoing, with new information and topics discussed every month so you are aligned and comfortable with trend changes, and can confidently increase your engagement, and highlight your luxury brand.

What’s Included: The Makeup Artist Marketing Membership

$37/month for immediate access to:


(5) Instagram Post Templates Every Month.

(5) Instagram Story Templates Every Month.

(5) Email Templates Every Month.

Not to mention, one on one access to Jenny for help and assistance with your social strategy including hashtags, engagement, trends, and more!

“I can’t imagine my dreams are coming true to finally work in my dream job! Her education is beyond what others cannot give. Her hard work shows in her courses. I really recommend a trustworthy and honest coach, mentor, and teacher.”

Lucera C.

Bridal Beauty Business Owner

More About Jenny Torry

As mentioned above, building a brand takes more than skill, it takes a cohesive marketing strategy as well as the confidence to create and promote your business and develop a luxury brand. 

I have been in the beauty business for more than 14 years, and have built my brand into a highly regarded business in this industry. My luxury brand didn’t happen instantly. I learned that having the skills isn’t the recipe for success. Instead, you need to create maintain your brand and build your online personality so that it creates engagement with your customers. 

Customers who see a cohesive brand, and have trust in how your present yourself online are more likely to move forward in booking with you, for the price you feel you deserve. No more discounts and freebies! I’m here to help you understand the proper strategies to promote your business and build your online presence.

Cohesive Marketing = Profitable Business!

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